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Services Tutorat Québec: Cultivating Bright Minds Through Personalized Tutoring in Quebec

As parents, we understand your deep commitment to your child's education and the desire to see them thrive academically. Discover our tutors' pedagogical expertise and our tailored variety of tutoring options. Pick the one that suits you best: ​

Exceptional Linguistic Skills: Our tutors possess outstanding proficiency in both French and English, ensuring your child masters Quebec's official languages with ease.

Creative and Fun Learning Approaches: We employ innovative, engaging methods that make learning a joyous adventure for every student.

Personalized Learning Experiences: Recognizing that each child is unique, our tutors tailor their methods to meet individual challenges and learning styles.

Flexible Learning Options: Choose between the convenience of online sessions or the personalized touch of in-person tutoring at your home.

Variety of Tutoring Packs: Select from an array of tutoring packages, each designed to suit different needs and goals, with the option to share with friends or family members.

Cancel at any time: Choose the package that suits your needs and cancel at any time / switch to another plan at your convenience. We will refund any remaining sessions.


Payment terms: Pay for your plan in 2 weeks or more. Learn more about each plan below. 


Save big by choosing the plan that's right for you: Each plan comes with a free session and a discount of over 6% per pack. Discover the plans and choose yours! 

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Talk to our academic advisor and let us know your concerns. Get tailored answers and detailed information. 

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