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Our Tutors

Specialized in the QC Pédagogical Sytem

Excellent Communicational & Linguistic Skills in French & English

Experienced and Adapt Ludic Learning Approaches

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Handpicked Tutors: Through a thorough recruitment process
Quality Education: Interactive, inspiring and encouraging learning approaches

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We Connect You with the Best Tutors in Quebec

How it Works

Save time and benefit from unmatched expertise by partnering with the best tutoring matching service in Quebec:

  • A simple form to request for information

  • We will contact you back in less than 24 hours to answer your questions and match you with the right tutor for YOU! 

It's as simple as that, find your tutor now!

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Pricing PLAN

No Minimum Hours, No Contract, Cancel Anytime

In Person or Online We Match You with the Right Tutor for YOU

Registration Fee: $40 For all your children, and only once!

In-Person Session Fees: $45 CAD / hr: Includes transportation fees, printed exercises, or tutoring materials... You don't have to worry about anything else. Make the most of this hour to assist your child in more than one subject as well.

Online Session Fees: $40 CAD / hr: It's more flexible, but the quality of the tutoring session is always the best!

Satisfaction Guaranteed: Your first hour is free if you're not satisfied.

For more information, leave us a message here.

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4 Qualities in Our Tutors for Your Child's Academic Success

Our tutors stand out for:

  1. A Strong Understanding of the Quebec Curriculum and its Specificities: Plus, we make sure to train the tutors.

  2. Exceptional Communication Skills: Communication is a vital and key element to help your child shine!

  3. Linguistic Skills: Our top priority is to match students with proficient French-speaking tutors. If you prefer an English-speaking tutor, please let us know, and we'll assist you.

  4. A Pedagogical Approach: Our tutors love to use playful & Pédagogical approaches to help students grasp concepts easily and creatively.

    Learn more about how we select our tutors! 

Sneak Peek into our Tutoring Sessions 

The tutor will assist you or your child with:

  • Assessment of the student's current understanding of the subject

  • Explanation of the concept

  • Problem-solving

  • Feedback

  • Homework assistance

  • Conversation practice

  • Writing practice

  • Question & Answer

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Our Services

Whether you have a busy schedule or specific needs, we are here to find the perfect tutor for you

  • Online Tutoring: Learning Without Borders

Learn comfortably in your pyjamas if you wish, right from the comfort of your home.

No Limits: No matter where you are in Quebec, learning comes to you.

High-Tech and Fun: Discover digital tools that make learning super interactive and engaging.

  • In-Person Tutoring: 

Direct Contact: Nothing beats a smile and face-to-face explanation to understand everything.

Practical and Hands-On: Especially for those subjects where you really need to get your hands dirty.

Your Learning Bubble: A dedicated space that boosts your concentration and efficiency.


Talk to our academic advisor and get FREE precise and personalized advice that meets your needs.

How Do We Choose Our Tutors


Vetting of CVs & Background Check

  1. We ensure that the candidate has pedagogical experience and background.

  2. We ensure that they work in the education sector or are preparing for it.

  3. We verify their background and references of their previous tutoring experiences.


Tests & In-Depth Interviews

  1. Our tutors are tested in their area of expertise and in the corresponding grade level, but we also ensure that they are proficient in both French and English to ensure smooth and fluent communication with students and parents.

  2. During these interviews, we focus on the tutor's pedagogical mindset and their ability to explain things in a fun and creative manner.


Interview With Educational Advisor

All our tutors undergo personal training with our academic advisor, and we provide them with materials and resources to help them create the best tutoring experience for students.

How our Tutors Help The Students and Make
a Difference

  1. Fun and Creative Teaching Approach: Our Tutors use fun and engaging teaching methods to help students grasp complex concepts with ease.

  2. Boosting Self-Confidence: As they excel academically with the help of our tutors, they gain the confidence to tackle challenges independently.

  3. Guidance and Effective Communication: They bridge the gaps left by school teachers and adapt teaching methods to suit your child's unique learning style.

For more information, contact us here:

Support Classes & Exam Preparations


Success Stories: Parents & Students Testimonials! 

“At the start of the school year, we had lost hope a little about Mélanie's school results, thanks to you, her average has gone up by 15% and her teachers are very encouraged. Rest assured that we will be doing service with yours again next year.”

Soulange A.

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