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Online Tutoring: For Elementary & Secondary School Students
For Adults


Make The Best out of Online Tutoring With our Certified Tutors

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Enjoy the flexibility to choose when and where your sessions take place, regardless of your schedule

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1 on 1 Sessions

Communicate and delve into the subject matter effectively with your tutor

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Benefit from a competitive rate of $38 per hour

Satisfaction garantie

"François-Nicolas accompagne notre fils depuis le début de l'année scolaire et a bien su s'adapter à ses besoins dans les différentes matières. Les résultats sont au rendez-vous, mais surtout, sa méthode de travail et sa confiance en ses capacités se sont grandement améliorées!" -  Landry 

Découverez plus de témoignages par ici ! 

Services Tutorat: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose the frequency and duration of tutoring sessions?

Absolutely! Plus, you can modify them at any time with a 24-hour notice. The minimum duration is 1 hour per session.

What will I need for my online tutoring sessions?

You'll need a computer or digital tablet, an internet connection, and preferably a headset with a microphone.

How will the tutoring sessions take place?

From the first session, the certified tutor will be able to pinpoint the student's strengths and weaknesses to establish a study plan. The student will be able to see and converse with the tutor, exchange documents, and work on exercises. The understanding of the subject matter can be personalized and aligned with your goals.

How can I become a tutor with Services Tutorat?

We carefully select our tutors to ensure they possess the required skills and mindset. Send us your CV, and we'll get back to you if it's possible!

Do I need to complete a minimum number of hours to receive my payment? No, you'll receive your payment from us every 2 weeks!

Are there any support resources or guides for the smooth conduct of sessions?

Yes, once you're accepted, we'll provide you with guidelines and important materials to help you get acquainted with the initial sessions.

How do you assess student and tutor satisfaction on Services Tutorat?

We maintain follow-ups with students, parents, and tutors to ensure their experience matches what was promised. We strive to take the best measures in the interest of all parties involved!

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