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Our Tutors

For private tutoring to be effective, it's essential that a strong bond exists between the student and their specialized tutor. This bond may take a few sessions to fully develop and will depend on various factors. However, it will be facilitated by open communication between the tutor and the student, as well as the tutor's expertise in the subject matter

Selection Process


CV Analysis & References Check


HR Interview


Aptitude & Personality Tests


Interview with Academic Advisor

Why Parents Love Our Tutors


Each student is unique, varying in their learning and concentration capabilities, as well as their level of willingness and motivation for studies. Therefore, the tutor must tailor their teaching and learning methods to suit each individual student

Mastery of the Subject Matter

To effectively support the student, it's imperative for the tutor to have a strong command of the subject in which the student is struggling. Additionally, they should be capable of addressing the student's questions effectively, aligning with the expectations set by the teacher.


It's crucial for the tutor to be receptive to the student's fears and concerns. Their role isn't to judge the student but rather to collaborate and guide them towards academic success

Communication Skills

Whether through verbal or nonverbal means, the tutor must have the ability to simplify and convey course concepts to the student in a clear and concise manner.

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Our Tutors: 

  • Are specialized in the subject matter they teach

  • Have experience in private tutoring

  • Master the curriculum

  • Adapt their methods according to their student's strengths and weaknesses

  • Are professional and friendly, ensuring a quality service

  • Are dedicated to the development and academic progress of your children

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