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Tutoring for CEGEP Exam: We Answer Your Questions

College can present a significant challenge for local students as well as those coming from other provinces or countries. That's why at Service Tutorat, we offer specialized tutors who will assist you in navigating through college, discovering all the tips and methods to effectively manage your time and subjects, and succeed seamlessly. Learn more about college (CÉGEP) and how having a tutor will help you prepare optimally for this important phase, and most importantly, how a tutor will guide you towards success with confidence.

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Why You NEED a Tutor to Pass the CEGEP Exam

Our meticulously chosen specialized tutors will guide you toward a successful CÉGEP journey with a sense of tranquility. They will be there to support you in the crucial areas that every CÉGEP student has identified as essential:

  1. Thorough Comprehension

  2. Time Management

  3. Self-Confidence

  4. Targeted Preparation and Personalized Support

  5. Feedback and Progress Tracking

  6. Motivation and Accountability

How Can You Prepare to Succeed in CEGEP

  1. Create a study-conducive environment by eliminating distractions like television, computer, and sofas.

  2. Start by revising the most challenging subjects and concepts first.

  3. Organize your time by scheduling at least 3 to 4 study sessions of 2 hours each, starting at the beginning of the month preceding the exam.

  4. Strictly adhere to your study timetable and ensure you're in good shape during your revision sessions.

  5. Take five-minute breaks after every half-hour of study to rest your mind and enhance concentration.

  6. By implementing these tips, you will enhance your chances of acing your CÉGEP exams.

  7. Good luck!

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