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Services Tutorat: Empowering young minds across Quebec and Canada with unparalleled educational support

Our vision is to combine top-tier tutors with affordable rates, fostering brilliance both online and in person.


Our Vision is In the heart of our vision lies the promise to provide nothing short of brilliance. We scour the educational landscape tirelessly, seeking out only the most exceptional tutors, individuals who possess not only a deep well of knowledge but also the art of imparting it with inspiration. Our tutors are more than educators; they are mentors, partners, and catalysts for growth.

We recognize that quality education should be accessible to all. With this ethos, we craft our services to be more than just affordable; they are a gateway to excellence. Every child deserves the chance to thrive academically, and we are here to make that a reality.

Whether it's through online sessions that bridge distances or face-to-face interactions that forge connections, we deliver the quintessential tutoring experience. 

"Investing in the education of our children is investing in the future of our society." - Michelle Obama

Our Tutoring Experience


Extra Guidance

We have observed that many students do not receive the necessary support while in the school classroom. Often, students are also hesitant to voice their challenges in class.

With a private tutor, you will receive personalized guidance that allows you to stay up to date with the material. Additionally, any misunderstood points will be revisited until you feel comfortable and confident.


Personalized to The Child's Educational Needs

Every student follows a unique learning curve, underscoring the importance of tailoring and personalizing the teaching approach.

Naturally, all of this will be closely aligned with your teacher's curriculum, ensuring you the optimal chances for success



Key to Success

Whether you're grappling with learning difficulties at school, seeking a more effective study method, or simply in need of assistance for your upcoming assignment or exam,

ServicesTutorat can connect you with an experienced tutor who has a track record of excellence in the subject.

Services Tutorat: des tuteurs spécialisés et dévoués

We are deeply committed to your academic success. That's why we meticulously assess our tutors, ensuring they possess the necessary qualifications and mindset to effectively guide students towards progress and learning!

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Personalized Tutoring that Ensures Progress Tracking!"

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Rigorous follow-up

During each session, your dedicated tutor will review the classroom material with you, ensuring a thorough understanding of challenging concepts and preparing you for upcoming coursework, assignments, and exams.

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Personalized Tutoring

Our tutors will customize their teaching plan to your strengths and weaknesses, all while ensuring alignment with your professor's curriculum

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Autonomy and self-confidence

Our ultimate goal is to empower you to succeed in school without the need for ongoing tutoring. This is why your tutor will craft a personalized study and problem-solving approach that you can later apply autonomously

Our Team

We are a dedicated and passionate management team committed to delivering an exceptional learning experience for every student. Harnessing our diverse skills and unwavering dedication to education, we work hand in hand to foster a stimulating and supportive learning environment


Dejla Mbarek

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Academic & School Counselor

Passionate about Education and Student Development Bachelor's & Master's in English Language: Arts & Civilization

Experience in Personnel Management and Recruitment


Ida Carreiras

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

CEO Lawyer Passionate about Education and Lifelong Learning

Committed to driving change and assisting young students across Canada in accessing high-quality tutoring services.

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