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In-Home Tutoring

Tutors at Your Doorstep

  • Find a qualified Tutor in less than 7 days

  • For Primary, Seconday & CEGEP levels

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: If you are less than 100% happy about your first session, the next one is on US

  • 45 CAD Only: Including transportation fees, print material, extra resources & exercices... 

Tutoring Session
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The Role of In In-Person Tutor


Personalized support at home to help students consolidate their learning.


Boost self confidene


Ameliorate the student's grades and their academic results


Offer guidance to become more organized and motivation

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Advantages of In-Home Tutoring

  • Trained & Certified Tutors

  • Available all over the QC province

  • Affordable & transparent rates

  • No hassle or transportation

  • Save time & energy to focus on learning

  • Different ludic & pedagogical learning approaches

Pourquoi choisir Services Tutorat

Learning to Read


Trained & Experienced Tutors

Specialized & Experienced tutors in the QC pedagogical curriculum 


We collaborate with school teachers

Our goal is to make sure the student continues to make significant academic development & progress


Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you are not satisfied after your first session, we will offer you the next one for FREE

The Most in Demand Tutors

  • In-Person Maths Tutors 

  • In-Person History Tutors 

  • In-Person English Tutors 

  • In-Person French Tutors 

  • In-Person Geography Tutors 

  • In-Person Physics Tutors 

  • In-Person Chemistry Tutors 

  • In-Person Science Tutors 

You can't find the subject or tutor you need in this list? Leave us a short message and we will help you find the right tutor for YOU! 

In-Home Exam Preparation

In-Home Exam Preparation for students in Quebec

Assisting your children with homework or exam preparation is a daily task that demands a lot of your time. Services Tutorat takes the reins and provides an efficient solution. We connect you with a team of professional tutors available in your area to support your children with their homework at home. Our team of experienced teachers, the variety of subjects we offer, and our flexibility ensure exceptional home assistance.

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